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Why is Bama called the Crimson Tide?

Why is Bama called the Crimson Tide?

The Original Hue: A Peek into Alabama's History

Racked by curiosity, I found myself deeply delving into American collegiate history to understand why the University of Alabama is called the 'Crimson Tide'. To my delight, I've managed to unravel quite an interesting narrative, one that blends heavy clouds, vivid pigments, and canine gratitude - the most unexpected mix for a sports team name. Join me in this explorative endeavour as we trace back to the origins.

The tale begins in 1892 when the Alabama’s football program kick-started. When you think of it, these blokes had no idea what crimson even was, particularly the early teams that actually wore white and thin cardinal stripes. It was only until the early 20th century that Alabama's football team adopted the cardinal red and white colours, in tribute to the Harvard's team, which they considered the standard-bearers of quality football.

Painting the Town with Crimson: The Birmingham News Intervention

With Alabama's college football team adopting the cardinal red and white, calling them the 'Cardinal Tide' would seem like a logical conclusion. Yet, it wasn't so. As history unfolded, we got 'Crimson Tide' instead. How, you ask? Humour me a bit and imagine the context of a certain muddy, high-stakes game against Auburn in 1907. The Alabama players showed an irresistible urge to stay ahead, sloshing through iron-tinted mud as their white jerseys became stained with the crimson hue of the clay. How poetically reminiscent of a crimson tide rolling onto a beach, eh?

Embracing this poetic metaphor, Hugh Roberts, a sports editor for the 'Birmingham News' at the time, coined the term 'Crimson Tide'! Who'd have thought one smarty-pantsed journo's use of alliteration would stick for over a hundred years, becoming not just the football team's moniker but practically Alabama's identity! Talk about the power of the press!

A Tale of Elephants: Bama's Pachydermic Connection

Now here comes an interesting twist. While several teams around the world go by the nickname 'Crimson Tide', the Alabama division has a particularly unique mascot known as 'Big Al' the elephant. Isn't it intriguing how an American athletic team finds symbolism in one of Africa and Asia’s majestic inhabitants?

Well, tie in your seatbelts because this ride isn’t over just yet. We have to travel back to the 1930 Rose Bowl Game. After Alabama defeated Washington State, a sportswriter from the Atlanta Journal, Everett Strupper, noted that he’d never seen anything like Alabama's animalistic defense. He compared it to a 'herd of wild elephants,' better known as 'Red Elephants' due to the team’s crimson uniforms. The metaphor struck a chord. It resonated to such an extent that 'Big Al' now stands as the enduring, loveable mascot for the team.

Crimson Tide: More than a Nickname

So there you have it! From adopting colours out of reverence for Harvard, to a journalistic spin on a muddy game against Auburn, and even the connection to elephants, all these historical footprints serve to paint a multicouloured image about the 'Crimson Tide'. Yet, it's more than just a nickname; it’s a symbol of resilience, teamwork and a reflection of Alabama's spirit.

In my humble Aussie perspective, there's a natural ebb and flow to the concept of a Tide – significant highs and lows, reflecting the triumphs and trials faced by sports teams and their passionate fans. That's why we're all so emotionally invested, right? And as a fellow sports enthusiast, the parallels between the Crimson Tide and my beloved Perth Thunder's icy blue tide are astounding.

Only once did I attend an Alabama game, many years ago while on vacation. I was instantly struck by the fans' ferocious loyalty and the unceasingly rolling 'crimson tide' of garb in Bryant-Denny Stadium. I couldn’t forget the passion I felt within the crowd, and that connection made me a Bama fan for life. So, until we can share a pint of beer while watching a game, as is customary here in Perth, every time you now cheer for the 'Crimson Tide', you'll be reminded of their rich, fascinating history and their natural connection with elephants, which is quite cool if you ask me.

Caspian Hardcastle

Caspian Hardcastle

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