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Note: Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery on some of these Solar*Veil products not all are instock

Swimwear Order Form

101_yellow.jpg (16779 bytes) 105_Khaki.jpg (12809 bytes)
Style #101 $55.00
Sizes: XS-XL
Ladies Beach Cover Up
Button up front
A simple and elegant long cover up
Style #105 $65.00
Sizes: XS-XXL
Adult Jacket-Unisex
Full zip w/draw string waist
This style has a double layer of Solarveil
for the high exposure areas.


blue111.jpg (16786 bytes) Style #111 $
Sizes: XS-XXL
Adult Pants
Drawstring waist
Simple, sporty pants.


113small.jpg (12251 bytes) Style #113 $39.00
Sizes: One Size
Long Pareo
Great around the waist or over the shoulders. The Pareo can even be used as a baby carriage cover. The
dimensions are 56" x 38" with 12" handles. 


115tursmall.jpg (12182 bytes) Style #115 $49.00
Sizes: XS-XL
Hooded Beach Cover Up
Pull over style
A great style with a hood for extra protection.


401khasmall.jpg (14613 bytes) Style #401 $35.00
Sizes: XS-XXL
T-shirt - Unisex
A simple and cool style.


403whtsmall.jpg (12662 bytes) Style #403 $39.00
Sizes: XS-XXL
Long Sleeve T-shirt
Great for any use


421small.jpg (18560 bytes) Style #421 $69.00
Sizes: XS-XXL
Polo Shirt - unisex
Classic polo shirt. The entire shirt is
made with a double layer of gabric
and retains it's breathability.


423small.jpg (24947 bytes) Style #423 $77.00
Sizes: XS-XXL
Long Sleeve Polo Shirt-Unisex
Classic polo shirt. The entire shirt is
made with a double layer of gabric
and retains it's breathability.


Style #321 $40.00
Sizes: One Size
Floppy Hat
A wide brim for maximum protection.
This hat is crushable for easy travel.

Note: Only fits up to head size 7 1/4 22 3/4" around


350small.jpg (18942 bytes) Style #350 $25.00
Sizes: One Size
Sporty Hat
This hat has a veil to keep the sun
and bugs off your neck and ears.


331blusmall.jpg (18080 bytes) Style #331 $25.00
Sizes: One Size
Golf Cap
A traditonal cap that provides
360 degrees breathability to keep
a cool head. Made with a
pre-curved bill.


333blksmall.jpg (18103 bytes) Style #333 $25.00
Sizes: One Size
Low Profile Golf Cap
A more contemporary look with
a lower crown.Made with a
pre-curved bill.


Toddler's and Children's Styles

Style #205 $39.00
Sizes: S-L
Toddler's Jacket
The upper back, and shoulders
and hood have a double layer
of fabric for maximum protection.
max.jpg (19339 bytes) Style #211 $19.00
Sizes: S-L
Toddler's Pants
Elastic cuffs and waist
with knee patches


Style #215 $39.00
Sizes: XS-L
Children's Jacket
This style has a double layer
of Solarveil for the high
exposure areas.
child_jacket.jpg (12782 bytes) Style #221 $29.00
Sizes: XS-L
Children's Pants
Elastic waist and ankles
for a sporty look.


303.jpg (4361 bytes) 333.jpg (6088 bytes)
Style #303 $
Sizes: One Size
Toddler's Hat
A great way to keep the
sun off the little ones.
Style #333 $25.00
Sizes: One Size
Low Profile Golf Cap
A more contemporary look with
a lower crown.Made with a
pre-curved bill.

Swimwear Order Form

Color Selections

colors.JPG (12109 bytes)

*Hat styles 313, 323, 331 only available in White, Blue, Navy, Khaki and Olive


Size Chart

Solarveil Infant Toddler Children Men Misses
XS n/a n/a 6 XS 4-6
S 6-12 mo 2T 8 S 8-10
M 12-18 mo 3T 10 M 12-14
L 18-24 mo 4T 12 L 16-18
XL n/a n/a n/a XL 20-22
XXL n/a n/a n/a XXL 24-26

*Note: when ordering the short or long sleeve polo shirts (Style # 421 or 423) you should order one size larger than you normally wear, as these two styles run small.   This applies only to these styles.

Solarveil Product Information

What can Solarveil do for you?

Stay in the sun for hours of worry free fun. Ideal for: The beach, golfing, fishing, boating, tennis, Sporting events or any other outdoor activity. Solarveil is great for children as well. They can play outdoors for hours, even in the water because Solarveil retains its sun blocking ability when wet and it dries in just minutes!

There are other sun protective fabrics on the market that block varying degrees of UVA and UVB rays, as does regular clothing. Some of these other fabrics are less effective in blocking the more deeply penetrating UVA rays. The main problem is these fabrics have little breathability and therefore, are very hot to wear. The advantages of Solarveil are its total breathability, excellent wicking properties and the ability to block both UVB and UVA rays. This unique combination of features is the reason why Solarveil is revolutionary and has been patented.

How does Solarveil work?

Solarveil Sun Protection Apparel, through its complex manufacturing process, is specifically designed to reduce transmission of the invisible ultraviolet rays of the sun, while keeping the wearer cooler and more comfortable. This unique design makes it totally breathable, yet is still blocks almost all of the UVA and UVB rays. This is possible because of the complex yarn structure, which reflects, refracts and blocks the UVA and UVB rays. The fabric is also treated with a UV inhibitor which absorbs UVA and UVB radiation to further prevent the suns harmful rays from reaching the skin.

How much protection do you get?

In rigorous laboratory testing, a single layer of Solarveil blocks 75%-80% of UVA and UVB rays, and a double layer blocks 92%-95%. Most of our styles are designed with a double layer of Solarveil in the high exposure areas to give added protection. In actual use, Solarveil provides even greater protection against the suns harmful rays. Laboratory testing for sun protection fabrics specifies testing the fabric under a light source equal to the intensity of the sun in Albuquerque, NM at 12:00 noon in July.

Solarveil also has excellent wicking properties, which is the ability to pull perspiration away form the skin. This, combined with the open knit construction that allows air to easily pass through the fabric which rapidly evaporates moisture, creates an air conditioning effect keeping the wearer cooler and more comfortable. The wicking ability is due to Millikens VISA treatment that enhances the moisture transport properties of the fabric, and allows soil release for easy care. Wash cold and Tumble-dry low. Do not dry clean.

Swimwear Order Form

Items may be returned with in 2 weeks from date of purchase as long as the tags are still on.

We ship any where in the USA for $4.50 (up to 3 swimsuits, 1 pair of shoes for $4.50)

once your credit card is verified you should have your order in 3 days.

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We are only a retailer not the Manufacturer.

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